GRITTING crews are out to do a full grit of all Priority One Routes tonight with road surface temperatures expected to drop below freezing.

Bradford Council said there is also the possibility of wintry showers falling on high ground.

The gritting crews started at 6pm with the Priority One Routes usually taking around three hours.

In a statement the Council said: "We will then have drivers out patrolling high ground areas, gritting when and where needed.

"We will be reassessing the conditions in the early hours of tomorrow morning, but expect to be gritting again early on, with pavement routes in the city and town centres also being done.

"You may need to allow extra time in the morning for journeys and to clear vehicle windscreens.

"Please look out for one another."

Information about gritting including a map of Priority One Routes, tips for winter driving and advice on how to stay warm in winter is available on the Council's website.