Ely Mattress, a natural luxury mattress retailer founded in West Yorkshire, has donated several luxury mattresses to Bradford's Homeless Shelter, Inn Churches.

The donation equates to having given mattresses in the value of over £2500.

CEO of Ely Mattress, Sohail Ifrahim arranged for a number of mattresses to be delivered as a donation to Inn Churches on 24th January.

He said: "Ely Mattress is making movements to help the community at large in 2020.

"This year, we decided to extend this luxury to the less fortunate and give back to the those in need, because we care about our staff, our consumers and our communities.

“To make this happen, this year alone, we’ve pledged mattress donations for homeless shelters in various cities across the UK - starting with West Yorkshire, birthplace of the Ely Vision."

How can other businesses help the the homeless in Bradford?

Julie Thompson, the Shelter Manager at Inn Churches, Bradford said: "One thing that we are looking into now is to enable guests to get into employment. It is a disservice if we put them straight onto benefits, especially as many of them have a great work ethic. We need more businesses who will accept and train people to allow them the chance to rebuild their lives.

"The shelter is a stop-point, it isn't designed to be their forever home, so having something permanent once we move them into a property of their own is great for them. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in homeless people in Bradford, and in the last 6 months alone, we've housed 60 people.

"People die on the streets, and we don't want this - We want to make a difference. The idea of the shelter is to give people a stop for a couple of days to get themselves together. Sometimes they need supportive help. We get as many people as we can into the shelter and help them find a permanent home."

How can you get involved?

Ely Mattress are offering Telegraph and Argus readers 20% off in February on any Ely Mattress purchased from www.elymattress.com using the code Argus20.

The company has pledged to use 5% from any sales made from Argus readers to help them donate further mattresses in their next donation round.