NEW housing developments should not be car focused - according to new guidelines for local developers.

The Bradford Homes and Neighbourhoods Design Guide will help shape future housing estates in the District, and next Tuesday will go before Bradford Council's Executive.

If approved, then future developers will be urged to design developments to reduce the need for cars - making it easier for future residents to access public transport and cycling routes.

Builders should include as much greenery and vegetation in their developments, and new homes should all be near play areas and parks.

New roads built to access these homes should have 20mph limits - the document says.

Bradford Council says the document will be a ‘go to’ manual for developers "ensuring new properties are designed to the highest possible standards."

Cycling and walking routes endorsed by transport committee

High priority areas include air quality, with developers urged to "prioritise walking and cycling and public transport, incorporate street trees, planting, open spaces and landscape, and include Electric Vehicle charging points."

There will be guidelines for waste storage, energy efficiency and accessibility for the disabled.

The guide went out to public consultation last Summer, and a number of groups and individuals had their say, including Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Better Start Bradford, Sport England, Ilkley Civic Society and the Centre for Ageing Better.

Some responses pointed out that there was still a reliance on roads and cars, and said a "more radical" stance was needed to encourage people to ditch their cars.

Others pointed out that new housing developments had proved to be "unsustainable in terms of generating substantial car-based travel."

The Council has responded saying: "The guide very much seeks to ensure that development is designed to reduce car dependency.

"It is agreed that locating new homes in well-connected places within easy walking distance of a range of public transport and local facilities has many benefits and to emphasise the importance of this issue changes are proposed to a number of sections in the guide."

Other responses called for a greater focus on the "climate emergency" declared by the Council last year. A number of changes have been made to the document following the consultation.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “This guide sets out innovative new standards for housing developments across Bradford district which will make our communities safer, more sustainable and healthier places to live.

“We expect new developments to have 20mph speed limits as standard and consider street layouts that give priority to pedestrians and cyclists.

“The guide also looks at how we make our neighbourhoods greener, with more planting on the street with better air quality and a requirement for developers to provide opportunities for children to play.

“We also need to build houses that are adaptable and accessible for everyone.

“This guide is a step-change for housing development in Bradford district and is the product of great partnership working with Bradford Civic Society, Born in Bradford and the Property Forum.”

The Executive meets in City Hall at 10.30am on Tuesday February 4.