BRADFORD Coroner’s Court will move from the city’s magistrate’s court building to Little Germany - a move that the Senior Coroner has been calling for for years.

The facility will move to Cater Buildings, on Cater Street, after Bradford Council purchased the empty building.

Subject to planning permission the building will be re-furbished in order to create the new Coroner’s Courts and ancillary offices for the West Yorkshire Western coronial area.

The Coroner’s Court is where most inquests into people’s deaths are heard, and the place where grieving families hear details of how their loved ones died.

But in 2016 HM Senior Coroner, Martin Fleming spoke to the Telegraph & Argus about the “inadequate” existing court.

Grieving mother supports calls for Bradford Coroner's Court to be moved from magistrates' building

The existing facility requires the deceased’s family to pass through the main entrance to court, where they are often have to queue alongside the criminal court defendants, are then frisked and have their bags checked by security staff on their way in.

Once inside they have to wait in a small waiting room, described by Mr Fleming as a “disgrace” - which they often have to share with people and witnesses who may have had some responsibility for their loved one’s death.

Bradford Council says the move “is essential and will help ensure that the Coroner can deliver a modern and efficient service which is also mindful of the needs of families.”

The coronial area covers the Council Districts of Bradford, Calderdale, and Kirklees.

All three local authorities contribute to the running cost of the current Coroner’s Court and this will continue to be the case once the new facility opens.

Technical surveys of the building, on the corner of Cater Street and Burnett Street, are currently being undertaken, and a design team has now been appointed and is currently developing the detailed layout of the new courts and offices.

The Telegraph & Argus has been asking for the past two years for more details about the Court’s future location, but the Council was unable to give any information due to “commercial confidentiality.”

But the Council finally announced the new location yesterday. A statement said: “The new provision will support a more efficient and united Coroner’s team – bringing all existing staff, some of whom are based at Trafalgar House, together under one roof.

“Unlike the current facility in the Magistrate’s Court which only has one court dedicated to the coroner, the new facility will encompass three separate courts able to run concurrently. This will help reduce the number of inquests being backlogged. The facility will also benefit from modern technology and have ancillary spaces necessary for the smooth operation of a Coroner’s Court.”

Plans are still at the design development stage and the Council is aiming to submit its final planning application before the end of February. Whilst some enabling works will take place over the summer the undertaking of the main works is likely to start in autumn, lasting up to 12 months.

Mr Fleming, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for the residents of Bradford, Kirklees and Calderdale to have access to dedicated coronial services.

“Those grieving across all communities deserve dignity, respect and for issues to be handled as sensitively and efficiently as possible.

“By bringing the three courts under one roof, we will have far greater capacity to focus on the needs of the families, who are our priority in all of this.

“The new facility will not detract from my existing commitment to hold inquests in Huddersfield and Halifax where possible.

“Little Germany is a vibrant area full of heritage and potential and is also easily accessed by good local transport links. I’m very glad that we’ve been able to put down roots here.”