CLADDING is being removed from one Bradford's high rise blocks of flats.

The news comes after West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service asked the owners of City Exchange on Hall Ings and Landmark House on The Broadway for more details of the work they are doing to remove it.

A spokesman for City Exchange said: "We are in the process of conducting planned remediation work regarding one element of the cladding on the building following our dialogue with Building Control and West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service.

"We anticipate this will be a six-week programme."

The fire service sent letters calling for urgent action to be taken to remove flammable cladding which remains on some buildings across the region in December 2019.

It requested a plan of action from those responsible for the buildings and a firm commitment and timeline stating when the flammable cladding will be removed.

It has now received responses from all 13 Responsible Persons for high-rise blocks that it wrote to.

In a statement it said: "Skyline (St Peter’s Square, Leeds) and The Castings (Kings Bridge Road, Huddersfield) have informed us of their plans, which are within a reasonable timescale, and both have evidenced how the works will be completed. We have written to thank them for their response and to confirm interim arrangements must remain until the works are complete.

"The management at One Brewery Wharf (Waterloo Street, Leeds) have confirmed that their remediation is complete and that the flammable cladding has been removed from the building. We have also written to thank them for their response.

"We have written back to the remaining buildings to ask for further clarification regarding their plans in relation to the timeframe or for them to provide documentary evidence confirming when the removal of flammable cladding will take place. We await further correspondence."

Senior Fire Protection Manager Chris Kemp said: “We have assessed the plans put forward to us and we are pleased to see where positive action is being taken. However in some instances we require more information before we can fully assess our next steps.

“We sympathise with those people living in any buildings affected and we hope these next steps will provide the detailed evidence we require to assure us that flammable cladding will be removed in a timely fashion. We seek to ensure that every building affected takes the appropriate measures for the safety of residents and our firefighters.”