A WELL-known manufacturer based in Cleckheaton has launched a new parts supply service, continuing its expansion plans.

Technical Services, which makes and supplies automotive engine cooling components, has set up a new venture to supply a full range of radiator fans and fan clutches exclusively for trade customers.

The family-owned company, founded in 1986 by Gerry McMahon from a small workshop in Bradford, has set up the new venture, named Viscofans, to further its expansion as a leading name in engine cooling component manufacturing and supply.

Viscofans, which was launched at the start of the year, has been set up to supply trade customers all over the world with access to original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket engine cooling parts for the commercial vehicle, construction, material handling and power generation industries.

By supplying the full range of radiator fans and fan clutches for all makes and models and with a global infrastructure already in place through Technical Services, directors Joanne Kay and Andrew McMahon are hoping Viscofans will make an immediate impact, especially in light of recent changes in the supply chain for most automotive trade customers.

Joanne Kay, operations director, said: “We have been in the engine cooling industry for over 30 years and during that time we have evolved and improved the service for our customers in line with the demands of the industries we support.

“Indeed, the strength of Technical Services is that we listen to our customers and adapt our business to ensure we have their needs met.

“After speaking to our existing trade customers, looking forward to expected changes in the industry that came into effect at the beginning of this year and by doing our own market research, we noticed that trade customers were missing that one place they could go to get the parts they needed that would offer them a choice and save them time.

“Many customers told us that to get the part they needed meant they had to phone many suppliers and note down prices, brand and availability before making a decision.

“We knew there had to be a better way for trade customers to get the parts they needed which is why we created Viscofans to give them a clearly branded, one-stop shop, as it were, for engine cooling parts to match their specific needs.

“By bringing the full range of radiator fans, fan clutches and fan assemblies from all brands and for all makes and models together in one place, and with prices tailored for the trade, we hope to make life easier for all trade customers and to become the central hub for all things fan clutch related.”

As well as supplying parts, Viscofans is able to deliver goods on their trade customers’ behalf.