POLICE got "two for the price of one" after discovering two stolen cars just 20 metres away from each other.

Officers from the Steerside Enforcement Team spotted the vehicles near Pit Hill Park, in the Holme Wood area of Bradford, at around 2:17pm yesterday.

One, a silver Honda, was found on a patch of grass and looked to have knocked down a metal fence.

The other, a black Audi, was in a nearby parking spot.

Officers requested for both to be recovered and crime scene investigators were booked for forensics.

The Steerside Enforcement Team said on Twitter: "Two for the price of one. 

"These stolen vehicles were within 20 metres of each other on Holme Wood.

"Both requested to be recovered and crime scene investigators booked for forensics

"The recovery of the Honda will be interesting."

The force then tweeted a picture at 3:09pm, showing that the Honda had been cleared.

The post said: "Now you see it, now you don’t."