TWO Bradford lads have officially made it across the Atlantic Ocean, completing an epic challenge.

James Tordoff and Chris Nicholl, from Idle, rowed into English Harbour, Antigua, this morning, finishing the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

The duo, who called their team "Hell Oar High Water", rolled passed the official challenge buoy at around 6:42am local time (10:42am in England).

They were the 19th team to complete the challenge and spent a grand total of 44 days, 21 hours and 58 minutes at sea.

As Mr Tordoff and Mr Nicholl rowed past the buoy, they lit flares and held aloft a flag with the Yorkshire White Rose on it.

Crowds waiting for the Bradford lads - who described themselves as "Idle by name and idle by nature" before setting out on December 21, 2019 - could be heard chanting "Yorkshire".

The duo were emotional when returning to land and a little unsteady on their feet.

Both were greeted by their loved ones, including their partners.

Mr Nicholl experienced a bizarre moment when his child struggled to recognise him due to his newly acquired beard.

Mr Tordoff's wife, Sophie, said before the pair landed: "I've missed him and I'm so excited to see him.

"He said he was going to row the Atlantic and I said 'no you're not', but he went and did it.

"It's been amazing, there's been so much support from all the team."

During a live stream, on social media site Favebook, of the team returning to land, one person commented to say a group were watching in Idle Beerhouse and they were all in tears.

Hell Oar High Water received huge congratulations and were presented with gifts.

They were then interviewed on stage by the Race Director.

Mr Tordoff said: "It's absolutely awesome. You feel it's never going to end, then all of a sudden you turn round the corner and you're in the final strait."

His rowing partner than talked about some of their most memorable moments. 

This included seeing dolphins, whales and even a shark attacking their boat.

Both admitted that this should prove that anyone can do it, if these "ordinary lads" from Idle were able to.

Mr Tordoff said: "There were moments out there where you think, what on earth are we doing out here.

"But you forget those bits and only remember the good bits - that's what sticks with you.

"The tough bits are tough but you get through them and when they come back again you know how to deal with them."

Mr Nicholls said: "We're the proof that anyone can do it. 

"Anything that is bad is left out there - all it's brought is good memories and good times.

"If you want to do it, do it, there's nothing stopping you."

After the interiew the pair headed for their first fresh meal on land since 2019.

But one thing that won't be on the menu for the foreseeable future is another trip across the Atlantic, or any body of water for that matter.

Mr Tordoff said: "There will be no more rowing for a while. 

"My next adventure is starting a family with my partner.

"It's been delayed for a few years, and I think it will be tougher than rowing really."

Mr Nicholl said: "My next adventure is to get my child to recognise me."

The duo were raising money for three charities as part of the challenge.

They are: Centrepoint, the Bradford Teaching Hospitals charity and the Ben automotive charity.

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