AN ACUPUNCTURIST turned bar owner has unveiled her vision for a spirit bar in Bradford city centre.

Romy Needham was scouted as the new owner of The Gin Bar in Sunbridgewells, working on and off in the industry since the age of 19.

Having spent the past 14 years in Dublin treating torture victims with acupuncture therapy, Romy has returned home and hopes to combine her love for relaxation and ‘Eastern philosophy’ with bar work.

Romy has tracked down the best Japanese gins to expand her offering, creating three tiers of products: a high quality but low priced selection of house spirits, a mid-range and premium drinks.

Soon to be renamed Romy’s, the bar shows off its historic Yorkshire stone walls with low-key lighting and glowing candles.

The new manager, who was handed the keys in the first week of January, told the Telegraph & Argus: “The bar has Casablanca (film) vibes, sort of speakeasy vibes, so it totally goes with any fighting, rebellious spirit - which Bradford has in abundance.

“It’s perfect.

“I want it to be calm. The tables are quite close together so it’s sort of intimate. You could come have a chat with the next table.

“I want for people to feel comfortable on their own if someone wanted to come and read a book.

“I’ll be focusing on really good quality products to suit all budgets. My new supplier has a lot of links with Yorkshire based gin distillers so I’ll be sure to add in a local range, as well as the far away Japanese gins.

“The Japanese gins, they really have that craftsmanship and that links into me about some the things I love about Eastern philosophy; in terms of respecting the process and the balance of flavours.”

A lover of Bradford night life and the eclectic mix of places, Romy hopes she will win over both party-goers and drink connoisseurs when it comes to hitting the town.

The gin-lover said she fell in love with the venue for its architecture and Yorkshire Stone as well as its past hosting famous musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Rod Stewart, who both did off-the-cuff jamming sessions in the tunnels in days gone by.

Romy, a self-confessed community-focused business owner, said: “

“There are lots of offerings in Sunbridgewells itself - a real ale pub up in The Rose & Crown, there’s Wallers Brewery, Bears Den upstairs, Italian food and a meat free kitchen downstairs, nightclubs and shopping.

“Of course you have North Parade and Al’s Juke Bar - then Ivegate with Brick Box - and the exchange!”