LATEST: SWAIN HOUSE CORDON: 38-year-old arrested for 'explosive offences'

THE Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) is leading an operation on a Bradford street today.

The T&A's Brad Deas reports live from the scene

A police cordon is in place on Sutton Avenue, at its junction with Swain House Road, and runs to where the first block of houses on the left ends.

At least five police cars were at the scene at around 11:45am this morning.

Police officers could be seen knocking on doors, with others covering the cordon and speaking to a gathering of people on the street.

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One resident told the T&A that they weren't sure what was going on, but that they had been asked to leave their homes.

At around 11:55, an Incommunities Gas Services van arrived at the scene.

It is now believed that a bomb disposal unit is at the scene.

Headteacher of nearby Hanson Academy, Richard Woods, posted a message about the incident on the school's Facebook page. 

He said: "Due to an incident on Sutton Avenue we have been advised that there is no vehicle or pedestrian access.

"Having taken advice from Police and Authorities there is NO danger to school, students or staff.

"If Sutton Avenue and Goals remain closed at the end of the day we will leave by Grove House (Myers Lane) exit. More information to follow - please check the website for updates."