THREE warehouse units can be built on a plot of empty land near Bradford City's stadium.

A planning application to construct a new building at the corner of Cliffe Terrace and Thorncliffe Road, Manningham, has been approved by Bradford Council.

The plans, submitted by S Tai, will see the building split into three warehousing units.

Two previous plans to develop the site have been refused due to highway safety concerns.

The proposals were re-designed, with the units in the new plans being smaller than the previous applications.

The units will each have a loading bay, and there will be six parking spaces on the site.

Plans to turn a scrap yard into an industrial and retail site have been approved

Highways officers said: "Given the given the scale of the units, the likely size of vehicles and the frequency of this occurring this arrangement is not seen as a significant threat to highway safety in this location."

Approving the scheme, planning officers said: "The proposed development is considered sympathetic to the locality and will bring some economic benefits creating three new business units.

"The implications for highway safety have been assessed and based on the revised plans it is considered that the proposed development can operate without jepordising the safe and free flow of traffic. "