AN X-RAY image showing horrific injuries sustained by an individual in an accident has been shared to put a stop to "dashboard surfing". 

The picture was shared on social media site Twitter today.

It shows multiple injuries to an individual, who purportedly had their feet resting on the dashboard of a vehicle they were a passenger in.

This is known as "dashboard surfing".

It seems that the individual suffered a broken pelvis, as well as two major injuries to their legs.

It looks as if one of person's femurs (thigh bones) has been pushed out of the skin, near the groin area, due to the force of the accident.

Sergeant Andy Milner, from Bradford East Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) retweeted the post, which originated from a medic in Cornwall.

Chris Lee said: "There's a reason why we ask you not to put your feet on the dash.

"Hopefully this will help illustrate it.

"Feet in the footwell, please."