BEER lovers have expressed fears that a city centre brewery may never re-open.

EYES Brewing has occupied its premises, on Rawson Road, for just over a year.

The business filled the void left by another company in the industry, Bradford Brewery, which unexpectedly closed its doors in August 2018.

EYES had cuckoo-brewed for a number of years around Yorkshire - which means brewing on someone else’s equipment - before settling down in Bradford in December 2018.

Director, Dan Logan, said at the time that they had been looking for a building and it “felt really right” when the Bradford Brewery premises came up.

The company only officially opened the taproom and brewery in July.

But, at Bradford CAMRA (The Campaign For Real Ale) meeting a few months later, it was speculated that EYES Brewing had closed.

The T&A visited the premises at that time and found it was shut.

Alongside a pile of unopened mail was also a sign in one of the building’s windows.

It read: “EYES Tap has now closed for this season.

“We had a great summer with you all.”

The T&A returned to EYES brewery on Monday, January 20 - it was still closed and the same sign remained in the window. The company’s Twitter accounjt was last updated in September and the company’s Facebook page is unavailable.

The lack of information has prompted fears among real ale lovers that the brewery may not re-open.

Kerr Kennedy, a member of Bradford CAMRA, told the T&A that he had heard that the brewery has closed permanently.

He said: “They’re not brewing, as far as we know, and the place is closed as well.”

According to Companies House the brewery’s accounts and confirmation statement are overdue. Failure to file confirmation statements, annual returns or accounts is a criminal offence which can result in directors being fined personally in the courts. The company’s status is listed as “active - active proposal to strike-off”.

EYES Brewing was given notice that it faced compulsory strike-off - a move which would dissolve the company - on December 24, 2019.

Companies House says: “Unless cause is shown to the contrary, the Company will be struck off the register and dissolved not less than two months from the date shown above.”

But that action was suspended on January 11, due to an objection to the move being received by the Registrar.

Clicking through to the company’s website - via its Twitter profile - brings up a dead page. It states: “The domain may be for sale. Please click to inquire.”

The T&A made multiple attempts to contact company director, Dan Logan, but has received no comment.