POLICE have been busy in Bradford East over the past couple of days retrieving stolen vehicles and working with Trading Standards to take counterfeit cigarettes and tobacco off the streets.

On social media officers from Bradford East Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) shared some of their successes.

"Three stolen vehicles were recovered today. The grey VW Golf was stolen in Halifax last June, the black Seat Leon was stolen a few days ago from Morley and the white Range Rover was stolen in the early hours of this morning from Barnsley.

"All recovered today by NPT officers.

"The blue BMW was found yesterday (Saturday) after it had been stolen again from the Barnsley area. The grey Audi had been stolen from North Yorkshire before it was located just over the Bradford East border. The white Toyota Auris had been stolen from Ravenscliffe before it was located in Barkerend last week.

"The orange Ford Kuga was stolen in a Robbery in Idle, it was found by Police a couple of hours later where it failed to stop, crashed and the two occupants have run off from the vehicle. One found hiding in a bin shortly after it crashed, he has been arrested and remanded to prison pending trial.

"Officers have also been following up after a number of burglaries in the East Bowling area. Enquiries are ongoing to identify offenders and patrols have been stepped up in this area.

"We have been progressing investigations into our Organised Crime Groups that operate across the Bradford East NPT and conducting disruption visits on those suspected of causing our communities the most harm.

"Our PCSOs have been conducting reassurance patrols at various locations across the NPT and working with partner agencies to tackle antisocial behaviour in our problem hotspots.

"And finally - officers worked with Trading Standards in order to take more counterfeit goods off the streets. More operations are planned in the future.