MORE mobile speed cameras could be rolled out in the district, a report to councillors has revealed.

An update on road safety and casualty reduction work to Bradford Council’s Regeneration and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which will meet this evening in City Hall, says: “A further expansion of the mobile cameras operated by the West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership is being examined by the West Yorkshire Safer Roads Working Group.

“Random Road Watch allows cameras to be utilised on any part of the network and not just designated mobile camera sites.

“This is to address areas of high anti-social behaviour where complaints are made. A deployment model is currently under scrutiny.”

According to the report, KSIs (Killed and Serious Injuries) in 2018 dropped by 7.8 per cent to 177 from 192 in 2017.

However, fatalities in 2018 increased to 15 from 10 in the previous year, while figures for the first three quarters of 2019 show a 10.3 per cent reduction in KSIs compared with the same period in the previous year.

However, there has been an increase of 11 per cent in PTW (Powered Two Wheeler – Motorbikes etc) KSIs.

The report says: “In 2018, Bradford KSIs dropped by 7.8 per cent to 177 from 192 in 2017. All child casualties fell but the number of child KSIs has remained constant in the last five years.

“Pedestrian casualties of all severities and KSIs fell marginally in 2018 but once again, the trend line has remained fairly flat in the last five years.

“Cycle casualties reduced marginally in 2018 but remain above the baseline. PTW KSI numbers reduced for the second time in two years but have not changed significantly during the last five years.

“Car occupant KSIs reduced for the first time in two years.”

It adds: “Analysis of accident data has highlighted a particular issue around Year 6/7 pupils journey to school during the morning - and in particular afternoon/early evening school journey home accident frequencies peak.

“At this age, pupils are making their first independent journeys.

“Work is on-going to tackle this issue in West Yorkshire.”

In looking at the figures, the report says Bradford is in a “strong position” to meet the 2026 target reduction.

The report says Operation Steerside, which deals with anti-social and criminal use of Bradford’s roads and was set up in response the Telegraph & Argus’s Stop the Danger Drivers campaign, has proved a “valuable contribution" to joint roads policing activity in Bradford - with more than 12,000 interactions in 12-month period.

The total Safer Roads budget for 2019/20 is £932,000, £550,000 of which will be given to Area Committees.

Other funds include £120,000 for project development; £150,000 for "strategic projects" like 20mph zones in Shipley town centre, Keighley Central and Barkerend Road and £50,000 for Safe Streets.

Meanwhile, a £12,000 contribution is for Steerside and will "be specifically used to fund signing for the anti-social driving PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) and additional Theatre in Education activities.

The meeting will be held at City Hall from 5.30pm today in Committee Room 4.