AROUND 40 per cent of Bradford's 26,000 residents who are from EU countries have applied for settled status to remain post Brexit.

At a meeting of Bradford Council's Corporate Scrutiny Committee on Thursday, members were given an update on the district's preparations for Brexit.

Head of Policy and Performance Phil Witcherley told members that most recent figures, from September, showed 40 per cent of EU nationals living in Bradford had applied to remain after the UK leaves the EU.

Almost 2.5m EU citizens given right to remain in UK after Brexit

He added: "I expect in the the October to December figures, which are out soon, that percentage will be much higher now it has been decided that we are definitely leaving the EU."

The Council was working with its looked after children and care leavers to make sure vulnerable children were able to remain in the UK.

Members were told that the impact of Brexit on Bradford's business community would not be fully known until UK trade negotiations with other nations are completed, and the business community can see how different future trade will be.