PARENTS in Bradford can afford 68 per cent of universities across the world, new research shows.

More than 20,000 students opted for overseas education for a term, year or full degree, Funky Pigeon says.

Turkey is reportedly the cheapest place to study while Malaysia is the most expensive at a cost of £7,548, including both fees and living costs.

The study by Funky Pigeon found totted up the figure after looking at the costs of living in each country and the fees.

It shows Bradfordians could go to 40 of the 58 countries analysed, placing it seventh for the lowest 'university choice' to study abroad.

Bradford has the average disposable income is £13, 469, below the country average of £19, 796.

By contrast, Londoners could afford all locations.

If you'd like to find out how affordable university could be for you, use Funky Pigeon's online calculator here.