SIR - One of your readers wrote in the T&A letters (January 14) about being intimidated by homeless beggars at city centre traffic lights.

She went on to suggest that being homeless and destitute was somehow a life choice!

I find it troubling that people fail to recognise that it is so easy to end up in such a situation through no real fault of their own, but because their circumstances changed for the worse and spiralled out of control.

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People with comfortable lives sometimes fail to understand how easily this can happen due to job loss, drink or drug addiction or mental health issues.

There are a staggering amount of people with families, mortgages and all the trappings of a normal life that are only a couple of pay days away from losing everything they own.

I have no doubt that there are a few individuals who actually choose to live their lives this way, but they are very much in the minority among a vast majority of very unfortunate people.

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford