THE WIDOWER of a police officer who was shot dead on duty in Bradford says the arrest of a murder suspect, hunted for almost 15 years, will provide some closure.

Paul Beshenivsky welcomed the development, but said his children will be suffering due to the case being brought back into the spotlight.

Sharon Beshenivsky was killed on November 18, 2005, while responding to a robbery at Universal Travel in Morley Street, Bradford.


West Yorkshire Police announced today that 71-year-old Piran Ditta Khan had been arrested yesterday in Pakistan on suspicion of murder, relating to the Beshenivksy case.

Mr Beshenivsky said: “From my view, it will give me a bit of closure – when something is still happening in your mind and periodically you get told from police that they’re still looking for him, which is great, but you’ve not forgotten about it – might have got him, might not have got him.

"I heard about it yesterday and I was told it was 90 per cent that it was him.

“This morning, today, they confirmed that it is him and he’s being held in custody in Pakistan.”

Mr Khan appeared in an Islamabad court today where his extradition was discussed.

Mr Beshenivsky said: “It could take another week or two to extradite him.

“At last they’ve got him.

“It’s 2005 to now to get him.”

While an arrest after such a long time comes with a sense of relief, the family will still have to relive some painful memories in the aftermath.

Mr Beshenivsky said: “There will be a court case and it will all be coming to light again.

“That brings it all back to light, especially with the kids.

“My daughter just rang me about it and she told me about it.

“Obviously it’s not very nice. You try to get on with your life.

“It doesn’t give you total closure, like now it just goes through your mind and the kids are going to be suffering.

“I’m having to deal with it.

“I’ve remarried, but you’re never going to forget.

“It’s a bit like Groundhog Day.”

When asked what message Mr Beshenivsky would give to Mr Khan, he said he wouldn’t know how to put it into words.