SHIPLEY will have its own Town Council by May after the proposals were approved by Bradford Councillors.

At a meeting of Bradford Council on Tuesday evening members voted for a new parish Council that will represent the town.

It follows years of campaigning by a group of local residents, during which Shipley residents were asked whether they supported a new Parish Council.

People will be able to vote for Councillors in May - at the same time as the next Bradford Council elections.

The first year budget for the Town Council, including set up costs, is estimated to be £133,900. The Council agreed that this would be paid for by a Council Tax precept of £30 to those living in the area.

Shipley Glen Tramway, pubs and markets - celebrating Shipley

After the first election, town councillors will decide future budgets.

Conservatives on the Council suggested the Council be approved with a lower precept. They argued that when Shipley residents were first consulted about the proposals, they were given Bingley Town Council as an example of how a new Parish Council would work. The precept for Bingley residents is £16.31 a year.

However, the majority of Councillors voted through the original plans.

Shipley Town Council will not replace Bradford Town Council, and will not have responsibilities for issues like roads. But they will be able to take over the running of some services, like public toilets, and run events in the town.