SHIPLEY will now follow in the footsteps of the likes of Baildon and Bingley with the formation of a town council.

The town council will have the right to be consulted on major issues in the area including planning and powers to provide benefits, which may feature public toilets, Christmas trees and lights and street cleaning services. The council proposal was approved at Bradford Council’s meeting held last night.

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But first, here are a few reasons to celebrate the area and let us know if you have any more.


Under the gaze of the clock tower, the town’s outdoor and underground markets are thriving, this alongside its more High Street shops offering including the huge Asda.


The numbers of pubs and restaurants has exploded in Shipley over the last few years. These include Saltaire Brewery and Taproom. This well-known brand sells in supermarkets and holds a monthly night at its Dockfield Road base where punters can sample any of their beers on site and weekly brewery tastes and tours. The Fox is also a popular pub, especially if your train is running late at the nearby station and you have time for a cheeky quick drink.


Saltaire has Roberts Park, while Shipley has Northcliffe Park. The site was used to mine coal and quarry sandstone and fireclay from the 17th to early 20th centuries but the park and playing fields were donated by Sir Norman Rae in 1920. His reward? The town’s Wetherspoons is named after him. The Northcliffe Heritage Project, set up by the Friends of Northcliffe in 2014 to carry out a two-year exploration of the industrial history and archaeology of Northcliffe Wood and Park, found evidence of coal mining around the area dating back to the 17th century and shaft and drift mining was carried out in the area. Bradford Model Engineering Society operate two railway tracks in the woodland area of the park.

Such a beautiful oasis in the town and perfect for a weekend walk.


This iconic tourist attraction was opened in May 1895 and was intended to ease access to a number of other, now long closed, attractions at Shipley Glen, including a wooden toboggan ride and a fairground. It is set to be a time for celebration for the electrically-operated line as it celebrates its 125th anniversary in May. It will run every Sunday afternoon until the end of March when it will operate every Saturday and Sunday. One of the jewels in the town’s crown.


The Cellar Trust is just one of the organisations who help people in Shipley. The mental health charity, set up in the 1980s, run a café in Farfield Road. It helps people with mental health problems in their recovery. It offers four different mental health services to adults across the Bradford district and into Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven.