AN OIL spillage on a major Bradford route left two cars skidding out of control.

Police received reports of a two-car crash between a blue Kia and another unknown car just after 9am.

A clean-up is underway at Queen's Road - close to Midland Road and Manningham Lane - which is currently covered in a thick brown substance.

Firefighters have told how the dangerous biofuel has caused to road to become as "slippery as ice".

Drivers are advised to avoid the area for the rest of the day.

A spokesperson from Bradford District's fire service said: "Highways have closed Queens Road from Manningham Road down to Midland Road in Bradford. This is due to spilled bio fuel which is making the surface slippery as ice. Avoid the area it's likely to be closed for the rest of the day until cleaned up."

The road is expected to be shut down "for some time".

A further update on the closure is expected later today.


A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: "Queen's Road between Manningham Lane and Midland Road is closed due to a spillage and diversions are in place. It is likely to be closed for some time to allow for a clean up to take place and we will update people when it re-opens."

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