THREE drivers, all with no insurance, were reported by West Yorkshire Roads Policing Unit in the early hours of this morning.

The first incident involved a Toyota Yaris, which West Yorkshire Roads Policing Unit said in a tweet was stopped in Bradford city centre.

The vehicle was seized for having no insurance and the driver was reported.

A photograph accompanying the tweet, published at 1.22am, shows the Yaris on Westgate.

The second incident, published in a tweet at 2.20am, shows a Volvo, which the Roads Policing Unit said was stopped in Bradford after the driver attempted to pay for fuel using forged notes.

The driver was also found to have no insurance and was reported for the offences.

The final vehicle seized was a Hyundai, as the Roads Policing Unit tweeted, at 2.22am, how it had no MOT and its tax was expired, while the driver also had no insurance. 

A photo seems to show the vehicle outside Tesco on Valley Road. The car was seized and the driver reported.