COUNCILLORS will today decide whether to create a new Town Council to represent the Shipley Area.

A group of Shipley residents have been campaigning for several years for the introduction of a parish Council in the area.

Neighbouring Baildon and Bingley already have town councils.

A petition was accepted by Bradford Council last year, and at a meeting this afternoon all 90 members of the Council will discuss the plans.

A report to the Council recommends that the application for a Town Council be granted.

The Council could carry out local projects, such as re-opening public toilets or running Christmas events.

If approved, the first Councillors will be chosen during May's Local Government Elections.

Public support means Shipley will likely get a town council

With no members to set the Council's budget until May, Bradford Council will set the first year's budget.

A report going to tomorrow's meeting suggests that the budget be set at £133,900 - paid for through a Council Tax precept on homes within the Town Council area.

It includes £7,400 for accommodation, £1,700 in allowances and £58,000 in service costs, such as costs for Christmas lights and other projects.

This is estimated at around £30 a year for each Band D property.

The Council meets in City Hall at 4pm.