This dramatic footage and series of images shows the moment a car became engulfed by flames in a Yorkshire city.

The racy Ford Focus ST is thought to have been abandoned on a residential street in Sheffield,  at 6.15pm yesterday.

There has been speculation on social media that the torched vehicle is the same one used in a nearby drive-by shooting two and half hours earlier.

South Yorkshire Police haven't confirmed the claims but have said the car involved in the shooting was also white.

A 12-year-old boy is currently being treated in hospital for leg injuries following the incident, which happened at 3.45pm.

The flaming vehicle, with its number plates removed, was discovered by 21-year-old Deliveroo driver Prince Raoof.

"I was driving when I noticed the fire but at first I just thought it was someone burning something in their garden," he said.

"But then I looked again and thought, 'hold on a minute that's a car' - I couldn't believe it, I was really shocked.

"I pulled my car over straight away and called 999. The fire service arrived within a minute and a half, it was all really quick.

"The whole thing was shocking to see, I've never seen anything like it before."

A series of pictures taken by Mr Raoof show the white Ford Focus ST in flames before firefighters arrive on the scene and start spraying it with water.

The flames were extinguished after just a couple of minutes, the witness said.

South Yorkshire Police are expected to make a statement about the shooting incident this afternoon.