BRADFORD ranks in the top five fly-tipping 'hotspots' in England, data has revealed.

The research, carried out by The Furniture Recycling Group, found there had been 24,362 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years.

It comes on what has been dubbed 'Fly-tipping Friday' - the first Friday of January. 

On a national level, there has been more than 500,000 fly-tipping incidents recorded across 77 of England’s major towns and cities in the last two years.

Yorkshire is no stranger to this problem with Bradford, Doncaster and Sheffield all making the top five for fly-tipping incidents - with a combined total of nearly 70,000.

Matt Edwards, Green Party campaigner for the Tong Ward, where the above images were taken, has spoken of his frustration. 

“This research shows that what Bradford Council is currently doing just isn’t working. Not only that, but last year severe cuts were made to the department that tackles fly tipping meaning they are going to be doing less.


“Many people end up fly tipping unintentionally – they are paying unreputable traders to dispose of waste not realising that this is then dumped illegally – and this could leave them open to prosecution as well.


“We are urging Bradford Council to rethink the current strategy – we want them to invest more in catching culprits and prosecuting – but at the same time work on educating people about how to dispose of waste legally."

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: “Figures show that fly-tipping is a national problem which has been on the rise for many years.

“Each local authority has had to face an increase in this criminal activity which causes damage to the environment and costs taxpayers across the country around £57 million to clear up.”

“Figures for 2018 – 2019 show that the number of reported fly-tips per 1,000 head of population in Bradford is similar to local authorities with a similar population and economic environment.

“Because of multiple reporting, the number of actual incidents of fly-tipping may be significantly lower than Government figures show.

“This is very much a case of a very small number of people committing illegal and anti-social acts that are highly visible and impact on the vast majority, and this is exacerbated because the bulk of it is concentrated in specific areas of the district.

“Bradford Council employs a range of measures to tackle fly-tipping including CCTV cameras to catch the culprits and seizing and crushing vehicles known to be involved in fly-tipping.

“Since April 2016, there have been 93 Prosecutions, including formal cautions, for waste offences, including fly-tipping. Bradford Council has also issued 72 Fixed Penalty Notices of £400 for fly-tipping offences and seized and crushed three vans.

“We have also taken advantage of new legislation to issue £250 Fixed Penalty Notices to householders who use unregistered waste carriers.

“This year’s budget proposals include a range of investments in new CCTV cameras and measures to protect sites where vehicles regularly fly-tip.

“We also need people to help us in our battle against this menace. If you see fly-tipping taking place, please note down as many details as possible, including vehicle licence plate numbers and inform the Council.”

Fly-tipping can be reported be calling the Council 01274 431000 or online at

The top ten places for number of fly-tipping incidents in 2018 and 2019


41,281 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years


32,627 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years


24,362 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years


23,210 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years


22,236 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years


20,803 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years


16.674 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years


14,733 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years


14,481 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years


14,120 fly-tipping incidents over the last two years