A BRADFORD school has been granted permission to install a huge array of solar panels on its roof.

Late last year Oasis Academy Lister Park submitted plans to Bradford Council to add over 700 photo voltaic panels across the roof of the large Manningham school.

It was part of the Oasis Academy chain's plans to reduce its carbon footprint. The work is likely to cost over £227,000, will prevent 88,542 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide being released into the atmosphere each year.

School reveals plan for one of the biggest solar panel arrays in Bradford

The application has now been approved by the Council, with officers saying: "The panel is to be erected on the flat roofs of the large school building which has limited, if any, public visibility.

"Glare is not considered to be a significant factor partly due to the dark finish of the panels and also the separation distances to the nearest roads and the presence of buildings in between the panels and the road."