AN INFLUENCER from Bradford has told how she found a following of 78.5k people at just 19-years-old by sharing her makeup and clothing looks.

Mehrunnisa Raja - more popularly known as forever.fleek on Instagram - has connections with major brands around the globe in a career which she feels can be "whatever you want it to be".

For those new to the internet, an 'Influencer' is someone who builds an online presence using social media with the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge and relationship to users.

Mehrunnisa travels around the country for photo shoots, brand deals and VIP events - working with companies like Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and Oh Polly.

The social media star, who grew up in Heaton, told the Telegraph & Argus: "I didn't expect it to grow to what it is now.

"I realised I'm quite photogenic so I started working with brands and they pay me."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The university student is loved by people around the globe from the USA and Canada to India and Pakistan.

It's her space for all things good, often sharing powerful quotes and thoughts about the importance of education and feminism in today's world.

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Mehrunnisa says she is "100 per cent encouraging young women to stay in education"

But for many young girls, her Instagram account means much so more to them than just outfit inspiration.

She explained: "A lot of people think (if) you're Pakistani and you're a Muslim, you're oppressed.

"You're able to dress how you want.

"When I started working with companies, I altered it to me.

"I get a lot of younger girls messaging me and it's inspiring them to see an Asian Pakistani girl doing it.

"When I go to events there's always a lack of Asian girls."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Mehrunnisa is an idol not only for teenagers but an online voice for the North of England as well.

She says there's still a lack of diversity in the digital world with more opportunities available for those living in the South.

The influencer added: "I find people are shocked. They always think I'm from London

"People have this misconception about Bradford.

"People always assume you're oppressed."

After moving to Leicester for her history degree, she has found new opportunities and attended the BritAsia TV Music Awards 2019.

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She said: "I got to meet the most amazing people who I've been watching on TV for years. Some of my fave Asian musicians were there."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: