A BRADFORD mum-of-three is on a mission to change attitudes towards breastfeeding by creating handmade clay mementos for those facing nursing problems.

Jasmine Willoughby found there was a lack of support and conversation around breastfeeding in Bradford after "struggling" to feed her first child.

"There’s many people that have had their journeys cut short or only managed a day of breastfeeding. I wanted to make sure they all got the support and the love," she explained.

Now Jasmine is hoping to “celebrate mums and their breastfeeding successes" through keepsakes in a bid to normalise conversations about the different experiences women go through.

Jasmine's first designs, affectionately known as ‘boobles’, are much loved by mum's across the district including someone who was forced to stop breastfeeding due to her medication.

Each creation is pressed with the chemical symbol for Oxytocin, best known as the love molecule which is released in both a mother and baby when feeding, but also when we hug and eat chocolate.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Jasmine, who gave birth to her son Jasper just 11 weeks ago, told the Telegraph & Argus: "It started off because I’m breastfeeding. I’m a tandem breastfeeder. Me and my friend were talking about the Oxytocin and the reasons behind breastfeeding and I started thinking about what I could do while I was on maternity leave.

"When I started making the 'boobles', a number of people have come to me on with their journeys of breastfeeding.

"It’s mainly due to the lack of support in the breastfeeding service.

"I find a lot of people who have had their journeys cut short are traumatised by the fact they’ve been let down by services.

"It’s difficult. I don’t have many friends around me that have breast fed."

The Bradfordian dreams of sharing the love and guidance she was given by her late mother, Hannah Killgallon, who encouraged her to carry on and stay in the hospital.

Having breastfed all three of her children, Jasmine says the biggest "gift" you can give a new mum is support.

Jasmine, who has called her online business 'Roots of Love', explained: “My mum wasn’t able to feed me for very long due to health issues, so when I was struggling so much she kept me going.

"She stayed with me and Amelia for two weeks in hospital, coming back and forth, basically stopping me from discharging us giving up and going home.

"That was one of the greatest gifts she ever gave me – the gift of support. I want all mums who are breastfeeding to feel that support and that’s what my keepsakes and mementos are all about.

She added: "It came from my love of breast feeding and my love of oxytocin.

"They could be given to someone or bought by someone who may have recently stopped breastfeeding or just want something to mark their achievement - however big or small. Every breastfeeding journey is amazing, from the first feed to feeding until a baby self-weans.”

Now the crafty mum is hoping to expand her offering with earrings and keyrings - even stamping 'boobles' with the amount of time a mum breastfed her daughter.