THE number of drivers arrested for drink or drug driving in West Yorkshire has topped 400.

From the beginning of December to yesterday, 415 drivers have now been arrested.

This figures so far show that more people have been arrested this year compared to the same period for 2018 which showed 394 arrests over the same period of time.

As part of their seasonal campaign this year, West Yorkshire Police are carrying out increased enforcement activity on the county's roads and taking every opportunity to remind people of the potentially fatal consequences for themselves and others of driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.

The Force are again using the hashtag #WYPTheCost and highlighting the potential cost of being caught drink or drug driving.

The consequences can include prison time, an unlimited fine and a driving ban, in addition to the devastating emotional impact on those involved and their families and loved ones if someone is injured as a result of a collision.

During last year’s enforcement campaign from 1 December, 2018, to 1 January, 2019, there were 284 arrests for drink driving and 92 arrests for drug driving.

Chief Inspector Lisa Kirkland, Head of West Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit, said: “This year, we have more dedicated roads policing officers working on the roads of West Yorkshire to prevent the devastation that drink or drug driving can cause.

"We will not tolerate people risking their own and others road users’ lives by driving under the influence of drink or drugs."