AN UBER driver refunded all his customers' taxi fares on Christmas day to start off his new mission to complete random acts of kindness.

Kamran Mughal was first inspired to help strangers after one of his customers explained how he doesn't eat or smoke around his Muslim friends during Ramadan.

"I was very touched by that. I decided I'm going to refund all the customers and to say I can give back to the community," he explained.

And this morning many of his customers will open their bank accounts to find their ride cost nothing at all.

It marks the start of his new social media campaign, Small Deeds, which he hopes to launch in January in a bid to "motivate" more people to help others in their everyday lives.


Whether it's changing someone's tyre or taking them where they need to go, Kamran believes no act is too small to make a difference.

Kamran, who worked his first Christmas as a taxi driver, told the Telegraph & Argus: "Sometimes we are so busy in our lives and time just passes by and don't know somebody needs help.

"I wanted to wish my community a Happy Christmas and decided to refund all my Uber earnings to my riders for December 25.

"There were two customers that I did tell that I was going to refund their money and they said 'That's very nice' and another said 'Don't do that!'."

The Bradfordian explained: "The reason I am sharing this with the Telegraph and Argus (is) so more people become aware of this way to contribute in their community."