AN application to create a new home internet business has been refused by a panel of Councillors.

The plans to extend 72 Toller Lane, turning it from a two bedroom house into a six bedroom house with an office space, came before the Bradford Council Bradford Planning Panel for a second time.

This Summer the application, by Mr Kamran, was withdrawn after the panel raised concerns that the office would be a separate business, and not a home office as Mr Kamran had said in the plans.

They feared this could eventually lead to more traffic at a property right next to one of Bradford's busiest roads.

A revised application, linking the office to the house by an internal door, came to the panel on Thursday.

Traffic on Toller Lane compared to 'Wacky Races'

They were told that the office would be used as a base for an internet company selling stationary.

Councillors Fozia Shaheen and Imran Khan attended to speak on behalf of Mr Kamran, saying the plans would allow him to start up a business that would be run by his family.

Some members said this use raised more concerns, as it would require deliveries to and from a residential street just off the busy road.

Chair Shabir Hussain (Lab, Manningham) said the panel had originally told the applicant the plans would be acceptable if they altered the design - which he had agreed to.

He added: "This isn't the Grattan warehouse. I have to do what my heart says and recommend we approve this."

No other members backed Cllr Hussain's motion, and the committee then voted to refuse the plans.