BRADFORD Council has launched a public consultation on Ilkley’s new parking measures following a motion to Council approved in October to consult and review the scheme.

The new consultation gives residents, commuters, workers, shoppers and business owners the opportunity to have their say on the new parking scheme and suggest improvements.

It offers a range of different future options which people can rate and comment on.

The consultation asks if people would like the free 30 minute period to be extended to 60 minutes and if the maximum stay should be extended from two to three or four hours.

Respondents can identify any particular areas of concern and the survey asks people if staff permits should be retained in any new plans.

People can rate ideas on resident parking and no waiting extensions.

The consultation also includes an open section allowing people to express any other views they have on the scheme.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “The parking scheme in Ilkley was introduced to address long standing problems people experienced with parking throughout the town.

“This had been happening for many years and got to the point where doing nothing was not an option.

“We always said we would review the detail once the scheme had time to bed in. We’ve already made various amendments such as reallocating permits to pay and display areas and will use this consultation to help shape future amendments in the New Year.”

To take part in the Ilkley parking consultation visit:

Anyone who hasn’t got access to a computer can visit any Bradford Council library where staff will be happy to assist.

The consultation closes on January 11.

The announcement follows a meeting last week between Ilkley's district councillors and Bradford Council officers to discuss parking in the town.

All three councillors - Cllr Kyle Green (Con, Ilkley), Cllr Mike Gibbons (Con, Ilkley) and Cllr Anne Hawkesworth (Ind, Ilkley) - urged the Council to create a consultation and to instigate extensive changes to the scheme immediately.

Cllrs Green and Gibbons were particularly keen to see the scrapping of evening car parking charges and to increase overnight stays, stopping residents receiving parking tickets at 8am, when they have responsibly chosen not to drive home after an evening out.

Cllr Gibbons said: “The evening charge is unreasonable and just daft, it should be scrapped, and charges should begin at 10am not 8am.”

Other changes demanded by councillors include the need to see the free parking period increased to one hour, allowing shoppers longer to browse. Also to ensure that the parking app, used by the Council, be available to get a ticket for the free parking period.

In addition to this, Cllr Green was keen to see residents, impacted by the displacement of cars by the scheme, and residents in areas that have been swamped by resident permits, to have their concerns addressed, to also ensure that those who are less computer literate or unable to access computers are allowed to retain a physical permit when permits become virtual.

Cllr Green said: "This ill-thought through scheme has had a hugely negative impact on businesses and residents in our wonderful town and I am delighted that our new MP Robbie Moore has been a vocal critic of the scheme, he has already spoken of its flaws and has also demanded changes.

"The legitimate concerns of residents and businesses need to be addressed by Labour-run Bradford Council, who have failed to address the fundamental issue at the heart of the Ilkley parking problem - a lack of capacity."

Talking about the meeting and the new consultation, Cllr Anne Hawkesworth said: "There was discussion around how appropriate the questionnaire is. One of the problems as I see it - it is self selecting and not a true sample.

"The discussion eventually did indicate some easing was likely.

"As I said at the meeting there are a few open sores which if rectified would ease the conflict between residents and the strategy, the charge after 6pm and wardens ticketing before 10am being a big one.

"Also, the detrimental effect on the community of the half hour free parking which at least needed increasing to one hour free to enable at least a little browsing.

"Hopefully these have been taken on board. But as we all know there are many others which I hope the residents will cover in the questionnaire."