A PHOTOGRAPHER has captured pets of all species, shapes and sizes in a bid to build a new hedgehog rescue.

Amanda Hatherley, owner of Polka Dot Studios in Bingley and a T&A Camera Club member, opened up her studio for two weeks after finding out just how much trouble the spiky creatures are facing.

Many people aren't aware that the hedgehog could be extinct as soon as 2025 - a worrisome figure which inspired Amanda's mission to help Kim's Animal Rescue in Bingley.

And, in true Christmas spirit, pet owners who brought their furbabies along to the shoot helped raise £100 for the cause.

Now Kimberley Greenham, who runs the self-funded wildlife rescue, can provide medication for injured and young hedgehogs as well as start building a new hedgehoggery for up to 30 patients.

Watch below as Amanda tries to position two guinea pigs for their photograph...

Amanda told the Telegraph & Argus: "There were a few little wee-wees, a few cats hiding under my sofa.

"I'm a massive animal lover.

"They (the pet owners) loved it. They thought it was great - they could come along and help give something back as well.

"Everybody really enjoyed it.

"I've had great feedback."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

But there is a serious message behind the wholesome, festive photos.

Each hog saved costs around £60 to look after before being released back into the wild in good health and fattened up.

Most babies saved this Winter will stay with Kim's animal rescue until next spring. Each hog has to be kept in a separate cage, which she also needs funding for.

Another problem lies in tackling parasites which enter the creatures' system after eating slugs and other insects.

Kim, who forks out £17 every time a hedgehog needs medication, said the photographer's help made her feel "overwhelmed".

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

She explained: "They cost an absolute fortune. We've had to get all medication by prescription from the vet.

"They've all been found through the day. They're full of parasites. It's not where they should be.

"I'm funding it myself.

"I do 20 hours a week so the rest of the time it's time on the rescue.

"It's very tiresome. I've got quite a big family - there's six of us at home and I have seven hedgehogs in my living room.

"She (Amanda) was keeping in touch showing me pictures.

"For a small, local business, I think it was amazing of her.

"She came to our house with her little boy and he saw the hedgehogs.

"Some little kids have never seen hedgehogs."

The most helpful purchase from the fundraiser includes a microscope which means Kim can check for parasites much easier.

Kim's animal rescue not only looks after hedgehogs but other wildlife, including birds, squirrels and rabbits.

Anyone who wants to support the animal rescue can hand in newspapers or dog food.

Alternatively people can donate by Paypal.

"I've always loved animals. As a kid I used to bring poorly birds home. There's always a cage of something in the garden," Kim said.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: