A PETITION is calling for Bradford Council to adopt an unadopted road riddled with potholes.

Signed by 27 residents of Vine Terrace East, Fairweather Green, the petition says the road suffers from poor lighting, potholes and litter. It is also used as a “rat run” – according to residents.

It calls for bollards to be installed in the middle of the street, and for the Council to take responsibility for the road – which is currently the responsibility of residents.

The petition will be discussed by the Council’s Bradford West Area Committee on Monday night.

The petition says: “The pot holes have gone much deeper and have opened up which has caused problems to the residents of Vine Terrace East’s vehicles.

“We only have two lamp posts which are dull in light.

“There is litter spewed on the street and we have not seen a single litter picker picking up the mess off the street, but we pay Council Tax.”

Members will be advised to put the street on a list of possible future traffic measures. But a report to the committee points out that taxpayer money should not be spent on unadopted roads. It says the Council “cannot action any request to undertake highway improvement works or street cleansing operations at this location.

“Vine Terrace East is a street which is not maintained at public expense. The Council has no responsibility to carry out repairs or cleansing to the street. The rate of Council Tax set for the properties on Vine Terrace East will take into account that the road is unadopted. The duty to maintain the street rests with the residents.

“The current policy on street adoption is that the owners of properties on the street are responsible for paying the full cost of making the road up to adoptable standard.”

The committee meets in City Hall at 6pm.