The sixth James Bond film – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, was released in UK cinemas and snow, ice and fog had hit 47 counties, blocking roads and causing major traffic disruptions across the country. Derek Harold Richard Barton had also won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry jointly with Odd Hassel.

Luckily in Heaton, the weather had not put a stop to Bradford’s Christmas shopping, as loyal customers made their way to Duckworth Lane, to purchase that all-important Christmas tree.

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This was the scene in Queensbury December 1989, when snowploughs battled to clear the streets of one of Britain’s highest villagers. The task proved rather fruitless, as the wintry weather came back with a vengeance the following day.


Blizzards, drifting snow and freezing temperatures swept across the region in 1990 bringing Bradford the first taste of winter. Villages had been cut off and electricity lines were down as the district was hit by an Arctic blizzard.

Even though there was only one foot of snow fall, drifts of up to six feet had formed in some areas due to strong winds, making it the perfect condition for a day of fun.