A BRADFORD dad has told of the terrifying moment a masked gang "brazenly" continued to break into his home as he phoned police in front of them.

Craig Bradley, who lives on Stone Bridge View in Apperley Bridge, was woken up at 6am by banging sounds and described feeling, "the most scared" he's ever been in the moments that followed.

He ran downstairs and began shouting at the intruders, who used one of the family's garden ornaments in an attempt to smash through the glass door. 

The father recalls the trio "ramming" into the door and making threats as his wife and daughter hid upstairs.

Craig, who believes the men wanted his car keys, told the Telegraph & Argus: "I started to make some noise - at only five past six in the morning when neighbours would start to get up.

"Three big guys, balaclavas, all I can see is them gesturing.

"I was on the phone to police. On the call, police could hear them ramming it. They (the intruders) realised that the glass was laminate.

"These were three burly blokes. I'm 100 per cent I would have been attacked if the glass had been different.

"I feel it saved my life. It was as scared as I'll ever be."

The police arrived around 10 minutes after the intruders left, recording the crime as an attempted burglary.

Craig says police warned it is unlikely that the masked men will be caught with his neighbour's CCTV only capturing small parts of the incident.

But the ordeal still leaves Craig, who owns The Quaffery in Saltaire, fearful that the trio will return and wait for him to get into his car on one of his early shifts.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

He explained: "My worst worry is that I'm going to be getting targeted as we get in our car, now they've had a go once and they're doing it at that time in the morning.

"They came and took a look round to see if there's any evidence. She said in these cases we're not likely to find them (the intruders)."

West Yorkshire Police is asking anyone with information about the incident on Friday, December 13, to use the 101 live chat facility, quoting crime reference number 13190636995.

Alternatively, people can report anonymously to Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555111.