MEMBERS OF Queensbury Golf Club are believed to be discussing a possible sale of the club to developers at a meeting tonight.

Rumours have gone round the village over the past few days saying that the club could be sold for housing.

Comments on social media suggest that club members could receive up to £50,000 each for the sale.

A statement from the club confirmed that there had been an approach but discussions were at an early stage.

The statement said: "We have been approached by a third party regarding the possible purchase of the golf club.

"We would stress that we are at a very early stage of any potential discussions, and we will issue a full statement at the appropriate time."

Former Queensbury councillor Andrew Senior estimated that the site could hold about 200 homes.

He said: "My personal feeling is that the infrastructure of the village is not good enough for it.

"We are kind of saturated.

"It would be a lovely spot to buy a house but there is a shortage of affordable houses and they should be looking at brownfield sites.

"Queensbury's green spaces are shrinking nearly every year.

"Houses need to be built but they have to be appropriate.

"We have traffic issues and the schools are overflowing."

Cllr Lynda Cromie (The Queensbury Ward Independents) agreed that the village could not cope with any more developments but thought this one would not happen.

She said: "I've heard the rumours but I think it's more or less unlikely.

"It's classed as sports and leisure land.

She said the idea was mentioned at a recent meeting of councillors to discuss Section 106 agreements.

She added: "It's very hard to build on leisure ground."

She said the village infrastructure and roads were struggling as it is with the number of homes built in the area already.

"Traffic is at standstill. They are building all these houses on the outskirts of the city but the roads can't cope.

"There isn't enough schools. All the playgrounds have portable buildings on them."

A former member of the club said he thought any sell-off was inevitable as the club has not been doing well but it could be two years before anything happened.

He said: "It might be a good thing, it might be a bad thing."

Posters to Queensbury's Facebook page mostly said they were shocked by the proposal and agreed that the infrastructure, schools and medical centres in the village would not be able to cope with extra homes.

It reminded one poster of the situation in 1993 when the village cricket and rugby club vacated its Granby Fields ground which became a housing estate.

Queensbury Golf Club's website says that the nine-hole course boasts amazing views and the club has a healthy membership. It says the clubhouse has a newly-refurbished club bar and function room.

In 2007 the 324 members of West Bowling Golf Club decided to close the club and cash in on its £12 million sale to developer ProLogis. They stood to receive about £30,000 each.

The club was one of Bradford's oldest and most successful clubs but the sale meant the end of an era spanning more than 100 years during which time the club became the best in Yorkshire during its heyday.