COUNCILLORS in rural Bingley have vowed to crack down on an isolated lane being used for steamy sex sessions.

And police patrols are to be stepped up along Lee Lane in a bid to stop motorists using the area for sex.

The move follows a warning this week from police to people intent on anti-social behaviour to stay away from the remote spot.

The long-running problem will now be raised at a Rural Bingley ward meeting to see what further action can be taken, with one councillor calling for tougher sentences for those who get caught.

"This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable," said Coun Paul Sullivan, himself a former police officer. "It is really not nice. I have been on the council since May and this has been simmering if not boiling all that time.

"I have been urging police to patrol more but understand how stretched their resources are. I am impressed by their response so far. I know they have had extra officers up there from time to time and I know the evidential challenges.

"There is always more that can be done but I believe police are dealing with this issue."

Coun Sullivan said local people can help by always reporting such activity. Officers will build up a picture to a point where action can be taken and this could start with simply getting a car registration number.

"This is a big deal in the cumulative effect on the community and quality of life. We have to jump on this."

Coun Naveed Riaz said: "This has been raised with police many times and officers have taken action. It is an ongoing problem. But we have been assured they are acting on information which has been given.

"Lee Lane is out of the way and there are also issues with fly-tipping there. It is not acceptable and it is cropping up on a regular basis.

"We don't want it to become a hotspot and police are doing their bit considering resources."

Coun Riaz said at the next ward partnership meeting he will be raising the issue with fellow councillors to see what more can be done.

"We are determined to stamp this out," he said. "This has been going on for years and it is a persistent problem. It won't be tolerated. There should be tougher sentences for people found taking part in this kind of thing. And we should name and shame them.

"After all, this is a family area."

Coun Michael Ellis said it had been confirmed that police are stepping up patrols along Lee Lane, which runs between Cottingley and Wilsden.

"This kind of behaviour is a problem and totally unacceptable," he said. "We have had lots of feedback from residents and will be asking local wardens to keep an eye on the situation.

"We are on the case."

All three ward members praised police response to the problem.

The warning to motorists was issued after suspected 'sexual activity' in the Lee Lane area. Officers went to the home of someone linked to a vehicle to issue a warning under anti-social behaviour laws.

A police statement said: "Don't go to Lee Lane to have sex. It's not nice for locals to see."

The situation has attracted enormous interest on social media and the T&A website.