SIR - Brilliant, just brilliant! Your proposal that the name of Richard Dunn should live on in the reincarnation of the sports centre at Odsal is spot on (T&A, December 11).

Whether it be the whole new structure, or just a gym or a swimming pool named after him, or even a bar or cafe facility, I believe that Richard's name should always be associated with the stadium in honour of his greatest achievement - his fight with Muhammad Ali for the world heavyweight title.

OPINION: The Richard Dunn name must live on

Okay, Richard lost the fight, but, at that time, Ali was a living legend, a supreme master of his craft, and I believe, and I am sure that Richard would acknowledge that, at that time, it was an honour and a privilege just to share the same ring with such a supreme athlete.

For a man who earned his living by the sweat of his brow as a scaffolder there was no shame whatsoever in defeat against such a man.

I have met Richard and found him to be a really nice and genial modest chap with no airs or graces about him and if the T&A will organise some kind of a campaign in support of the editor's belief, then I will support it in any way that I can.

Colin Peters, Ladbroke Grove, Holme Wood