Police have warned motorists not to drive to a quiet lane in the district to have sex.

The warning was issued after suspected ‘sexual activity’ in the Lee Lane area of Bingley tonight.

Officers attended the address of a person associated with a vehicle seen in the vicinity to issue a Section 59 warning under anti-social behaviour legislation.

Sergeant T Green tweeted: “Officers attended an address this evening following a vehicle seen on Lee Lane in Bingley engaging in sexual activity.

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“We didn't think a "bottom" ID was appropriate, so a S 59 warning was issued. Don't come here to have sex. It's not nice for the locals to see.”

The warning sparked an instant response on social media, with one Facebook poster pointing out: “It’s been known as a ‘lovers lane’ since the 60's, so don't buy a house there if you don't want that sort of thing near you! “Snowflakes these days!”

Another said: “Bet they got a shock when police knocked on their door lol.”