SIR – Regarding Tim Murgatroyd's article on 'Boomers' having it easier (T&A, December 3). This debate is not clear cut as baby-boomers were more likely to have harder starts in life but this turned around for many in adulthood.

By the time that many of them had become young adults, they benefitted from a 'white heat' economy and much cheaper housing/rents which gave them a ladder up.

OK Boomer... it's time politicians put young people first

A creation thanks to pre-boomer generations largely voting in Clement Attlee post war and economists such as John M Keynes who believed in investment rather than austerity to create growth.

The perceived advantages of post-boomer generations are largely down to technology rather than modern economics, which hides the reality of a more expensive, higher demand housing market, insecure employment, wages worth much less and a weaker safety net if life turns for the worse.

George Hitchcock, Southlands, Baildon