TWO Sully Line drug dealers have been jailed for a total of eight and a half years as part of Operation Errantdance – a major police sting to snare street traffickers in the Bradford East area.

Darren Perrow, already serving a six year and nine month sentence for peddling cocaine and heroin, was locked up for three and a half years at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

His co-accused Leon Williams was jailed for five years for drug dealing and burgling a 75-year-old man’s home.

Williams, 36, of Parsonage Road, Laisterdyke, left the pensioner devastated when he knocked his wife’s ashes on to the floor while ransacking his home.

Perrow, 50, of Rochester Street, Shipley, pleaded guilty to nine charges of dealing heroin and crack cocaine to undercover police officer “Emily” in March and April.

Williams admitted five offences of dealing Class A drugs to Emily, burgling the house in Cranbrook Street, West Bowling, Bradford, on March 22, and burgling a house in Rooley Lane on July 11.

Prosecutor Alisha Kaye said Perrow, who was handcuffed to a dock officer, had 43 convictions for 127 offences. He was a “third strike” Class A drug dealer, jailed in June after he was caught drug dealing on April 12 and May 8 in Lumb Lane and Oak Lane, Manningham.

Miss Kaye said that Perrow also dealt drugs to the undercover officer on nine occasions between March 13 and April 16. He was working for the Sully Line and joined by Williams on several occasions. Williams also sold drugs to Emily when he was alone in a VW Golf.

Emily bought wraps of heroin and crack cocaine from the defendants for £7 each, watching them supplying to other addicts waiting to be served.

Miss Kaye said Williams burgled the pensioner’s home when he went out for the evening.

He broke the burglar alarm and threw a stone through a glass door panel to break into the address.

Williams did £550 damage and escaped with £830 of property, including the television set.

During the untidy search, he knocked over the urn containing the ashes of the man’s late wife.

Miss Kaye said finding the ashes on the floor was devastating for the widower. He had since missed three family holidays because he was too afraid to leave his home in case he was burgled again.

Perrow’s solicitor advocate, Amarpal Singh, said his client turned to Class A drugs when he lost in father in 2008.

He was already serving a lengthy prison sentence for trafficking drugs at the same time and it would be unjust to treat him as a “third striker.”

Jayne Beckett, for Williams, said he had no previous convictions for drug dealing or house burglary. He felt nothing but shame for the offences and was determined to make a fresh start in life.

Judge Jonathan Rose told the men: “You two are a classic example of the devastation of Class A drugs.”

Addicts like Perrow and Williams had to resort to crime to fuel their habit.

“The decent citizens of Bradford are the victims of your crime so that you can fund your addiction,” Judge Rose said.

Perrow was jailed for 42 months to run concurrently with his present sentence. Williams was imprisoned for 41 months for drug dealing and 19 months for burglary, the sentences to run consecutively, making five years in all.