MORE than 45 reports of fly-tipping were made EVERY DAY in Bradford last year, according to the latest figures.

The shocking statistics show that Bradford Council was left having to deal with a total of 16,584 reported incidents in the 12 months to April 2019.

The number of incidents has also rocketed in the last five years by almost 60 per cent, 36 per cent of which was in the last two years alone.

The figures come as one family has expressed their frustration at persistent fly-tipping on their doorstep, an issue that has been ongoing for more than two years.

Ruksana Iqbal, whose elderly parents, Sajjad Iqbal and Jamila Begum, live in a flat off Leeds Road, told the Telegraph & Argus that black bags full of household waste – as well as furniture and carrier bags full of rubbish – are stacked at the back of the flat on a weekly basis.

Her parents have regularly tried to clear up the waste which is left near a communal collection point where her parents’ wheelie bins are located.

But, she added, the situation became much worse after alternate week bin collections were introduced in 2017, and they find it impossible to keep on top of.

Photographs show an armchair, a chest of drawers, a side table, a round dining table, tyres, a pushchair, and a child’s sit-and-ride car piled up around the overflowing bins.

Following reports to the Council, the fly-tipping was cleared up, she added, but the following day, half a dozen supermarket carrier bags of waste were left on the ground.

“It’s incredibly frustrating and it’s not fair that my parents have to deal with this on a daily basis.

“They try and clear up after people, but they can’t pick up the furniture. I’ve personally confronted people before and told them they can’t just leave their waste there – they should put it in their own bin, or take it to the tip.

“But I can’t stop them returning when my back is turned.”

She added that the Council had installed a “no fly-tipping” sign but people were still brazenly leaving their waste there on a daily basis.

She said that she was aware of the Council taking action against some of the culprits previously.

She hoped a pledge that spy cameras would be used in the area to catch any fly-tippers would be forthcoming.

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: “We have been liaising with this family to try and solve the problem for some time and our wardens have been advising residents in the area to deter fly-tipping.

“Following an investigation to try and identify those responsible for dumping rubbish, we have traced individuals and will be taking action against them.

“We will continue with these efforts in the future and it may be the case we will have to remove the communal bin collection point in favour of collecting bins from individual properties.”

The figures, compiled by the Government, include reports made to the Council as well as incidents spotted by Council staff and collected on their day-to-day rounds.

In addition the figures will contain duplicated cases reported by different people, or in some cases issues about private land that is not maintained by the Council.

The data also indicates that of the 16,584 reported incidents in 2018/19, 8,497 related to footpaths and bridleways and 4,041were classed as household incidents featuring dumped black bags of waste.

In the same year the Council carried out 2,033 investigations into fly-tipping, up 22 per cent on the previous year.

A total of 686 warning letters were sent out, and 380 statutory notices issued, while there were 28 fixed penalty notices specifically for fly-tipping.

Seven formal cautions were made and nine people were prosecuted at a cost of £2,500 leading to £4,875 being ordered by the courts in fines. The largest of these fines was between £1,001 and £5,000 in size.

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