BRADFORD East is a relatively new seat - created in 2010 after the abolition of Bradford North.

Since then the Constituency has been held by the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

Imran Hussain (Lab) won the seat in 2015, and held it at the 2017 election, when 65 per cent of the electorate voted for him.

However, the Liberal Democrat party has maintained a strong presence, with many of the constituency’s wards represented on Bradford Council by Lib Dems.

In the EU referendum 55 per cent of those that voted in the constituency voted to leave, and the Brexit Party are fielding a candidate in this year’s election.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Imran Hussain - LabourImran Hussain - Labour

Imran Hussain - Labour

“I’m a Bradford lad, born and bred, and this city is my home. It is where I grew up, where I got my first job as a teenager in Morrisons and where I now raise my family, and I am proud to have represented it and you in Parliament for the past four and a half years.

Throughout this time I have always striven to be a hardworking, local representative who can stand up for your interests against the Tories, and I am proud that I am able to come to you with a strong track record of achievements, not of empty promises.

I promised you I would fight for our NHS and earlier this year I blocked plans for the backdoor privatisation of services at the Bradford Royal Infirmary. I promised you I would work to improve education and I delivered £20m a year of additional funding for schools across Bradford and the North. I promised you I would help revitalise our economy and I helped secure £4m to redevelop the Odeon and regenerate Bradford’s city centre.

I’ve always stood up for what matters to you, whether that is campaigning against dangerous driving and anti-social behaviour, or fighting for local jobs and better transport, and I hope that I can count on your support on Thursday 12 December to continue this work.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Jeanette Sunderland - Liberal DemocratsJeanette Sunderland - Liberal Democrats

Jeanette Sunderland - Liberal Democrat

“Born and brought up in Bradford I started my working life as a nurse, worked in the chemical manufacturing industry and currently work in training and development. As a volunteer I manage a large voluntary organisation, help at the Springfield Centre and raise funds for the local hospice.

As a Liberal Democrat our key pledges are to tackle the climate emergency, give every child the best start in life, build a fairer economy, transform mental health services and to stop Brexit. If elected I will focus my energies on cleaning up our air quality, improving the quantity and quality of our green spaces and job offer.

To give every child a better start I will focus on improving children’s health and education chances particularly those impacted by disadvantage. To make the economy fairer I will campaign to shift Bradford’s economy onto high quality jobs linked to tackling climate change and to improve our mental health services campaign for a Bradford Mental Health Charter to treat mental ill-health with the same priority as physical ill-health.

I am campaigning to be elected to represent a place which stretches from Yeadon through to inner City Little Horton with interests across the globe. I am a committed liberal and internationalist. I believe the big issues of the day can only be solved with our European partners so I will campaign to stop Brexit.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Linden Kemkaran - ConservativeLinden Kemkaran - Conservative

Linden Kemkaran - Conservative

“I’m thrilled to be standing as Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Bradford East. It’s a constituency where the people’s wishes have been ignored for too long.

Bradford voted leave, and if elected, getting Brexit done will be my first priority. After that it’s improving education, tackling crime and supporting business and jobs. Together we can build on Bradford’s proud history and achieve a bright and prosperous future.

I currently live in Kent, but if elected, will immediately rent a property in Bradford East to get to know the area as a local and spend time here each week. I’ll hold regular surgeries and use the same local services as my constituents so that I understand what matters to them.

I currently work in communications but prior to that was a BBC journalist for many years, and have also worked at Asda, Argos and Halfords, and in the civil service.

I’ve been married to my husband Peter for 20 years and we share our home with our two teenage children and four rescue cats. My father, who has Alzheimer’s, lives with us in a self-contained annexe. In my spare time I enjoy singing in my local church choir and practicing Taekwondo, a Korean martial art.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Andy Stanford - Green PartyAndy Stanford - Green Party

Andy Stanford - Green Party

“Andy grew up in Essex before attending university in Bristol, graduating with an honours degree in Physics, and subsequently entered a career in software development. He moved to Shipley in 2008 with his wife and they have since been joined by two children.

A Green Party member since 2014, Andy was previously their candidate for Bradford East in the 2017 General Election and has contested District Council seats on three occasions, while also being an active participant in the party Policy formation process.

Andy is a passionate supporter of the NHS and a champion of high quality, affordable public transport services. Despite being an ardent Remainer, he also recognises the need to address the genuine concerns that lead many to vote Leave in the 2016 referendum.

Away from politics, Andy can often be found with his head in book, listening to music, or enjoying a cricket match.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Jonathan Barras - Brexit PartyJonathan Barras - Brexit Party

Jonathan Barras - Brexit Party

"I am the only pro-Leave candidate from Bradford in this Constituency. I was raised on the Holme Wood estate until I was 16, then relocated to Bradford Moor for six years before moving to Ravenscliffe in 2011.

As well as being pro-actively involved in the community, I am a governor at a local school.

Formerly self-employed, I now have a worthwhile, albeit low income job, and am struggling on Universal Credit like thousands of others in Bradford East. It’s time for change.

I am standing up for the hard-working people of Bradford who have been let down by the Westminster elite who have inflicted crushing austerity against local services, cuts to benefits effecting thousands of residents and a complete betrayal of the Brexit vote.

"Remember that 55.16% of the electorate in Bradford East voted to Leave the EU."