WHEN Philip Davies first won the Shipley seat in 2005 he became the only Conservative MP in West Yorkshire at that time.

Fourteen years later, ardent Brexiteer Mr Davies is standing in his fifth General Election – in what Labour have identified as a target seat.

Chris Leslie’s eight years as MP for the constituency following Labour’s 1997 landslide were a blip in a seat that has otherwise been solidly blue since 1950.

Mr Davies currently holds a majority of 4,681. In the 2016 Brexit referendum, the Leave vote stood at 52.2 per cent. 

The Telegraph & Argus asked all candidates standing in Shipley for a short biography.

Philip Davies - Conservative

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Philip DaviesPhilip Davies

“Philip has been the MP for the Shipley constituency since 2005. 

“Before being elected Philip worked for Asda for 12 years, working his way up from the lowest level to be a Senior Marketing Manager at the head office in Leeds. 

“Philip has long been a critic of Bradford Council, and believes that the Shipley constituency gets an unfair deal from Bradford. He has launched a petition for the Shipley and Keighley constituencies to break away from Bradford Council and set up their own council.

"He also supports a Shipley Eastern Bypass, and successfully campaigned to block 500 houses being built on the green belt in Burley in Wharfedale. 

“In Parliament Philip was an early supporter of Brexit, launching the ‘Better Off Out’ campaign back in April 2006.

"He also has been the Parliamentary Spokesman for the Campaign Against Political Correctness, and is a hardliner on crime, long arguing for prisoners to serve the sentences handed down by the courts in full. 

“Philip has twice won an award at the Spectator Parliamentary Awards. 

“When not working Philip enjoys all sports, and is a season ticket holder at Bradford City with his two sons Oliver and Charlie.”

Jo Pike - Labour

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Jo PikeJo Pike

“As someone who lives in our constituency, I am passionate about the area. From Denholme to Whafedale, Baildon, Bingley and Wrose, we have great communities, skilled workers and fantastic natural resources. But we have been let down by poor representation in Parliament from our Conservative MP. 

“My priorities for the area are to ensure that we get our fair share of funding from Government to upgrade our local services. Bingley Pool and Library are under threat due to cuts to council funding.

"A good MP would be lobbying the Chancellor to stop this happening. We need an MP who takes the threat of climate change seriously and will protect jobs in our area. Every business I have spoken to tells me that Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will cost us jobs. This cannot be allowed to happen. 

“I left home when I was 15 years old and with the support of a Labour Government, I got a second chance at education and became a university lecturer.

"I want everyone in our constituency to have that chance and an opportunity to make things better for themselves and their families. We have so much potential  - we just need an MP who will get us back on track.”

Caroline Jones - Liberal Democrats 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Caroline JonesCaroline Jones

"Caroline Jones has lived in the Shipley Constituency for more than 30 years. She worked for many years as a School Business Manager and was also a Parish Councillor for 14 years. 

"She believes that the UK will be better able to tackle the essential global issues facing us all from inside the EU and that a People’s Vote with a Remain option is essential.  

"The Climate Emergency, NHS, social care and education -   these are matters of life and death, the futures of our children and grandchildren depend on us acting now.

"We are the first generation to know we are destroying the environment, and the last generation with a chance to do something about it. 

"Liberal Democrats would implement an emergency programme to insulate all Britain’s homes by 2030, cutting emissions and fuel bills. We will invest in renewable power so that at least 80 per cent of UK electricity is generated from renewables by 2030 – and ban fracking permanently.  

"We will tackle biodiversity loss and plant 60 million trees a year to absorb carbon, protect wildlife and improve health. 

"We will put 1p on income tax, generating £7bn per year for the NHS, mental health treatment and social care.

Celia Hickson - Green

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Celia HicksonCelia Hickson

“I am Bradford born and bred, and have lived and worked here for over 25 years. I am a Green Party candidate as this is the climate election; human activity on earth is causing drastic changes to our atmosphere and people all around the world are feeling the dramatic effects. 

“We need to act; FAST. The Green New Deal will decarbonise our economy, create new jobs and improve everyone’s quality of life. Our ambitious plans to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, insulate homes, deliver cheap and sustainable public transport and plant 700 million trees are part of a Green revolution that will lift up everyone.

“Locally I would cancel plans to build new roads to Leeds Bradford airport, as now is not the time to be encouraging more flights. Air quality in Shipley is dangerously poor and is affecting everyone, particularly our young people. 

“Other cities have improved their air quality by banning diesel vehicles and introducing traffic free days, Shipley can do the same. 

“A People’s Vote to move forward on Brexit  and reforming our tax system so everyone pays their fair share are Green New Deal proposals. Vote Green – if not now, when?”

Darren Longhorn - Yorkshire Party

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Darren LonghornDarren Longhorn

“I’m Darren Longhorn, and I’m standing as Yorkshire Party candidate for Shipley. 

“I believe that it’s really important to have a strong connection with your constituency - I’m born and bred in Yorkshire and have lived in Shipley for seven years and worked here for most of the last 22.

“Westminster is broken, government and opposition equally ineffective, both divided by political infighting. They have no time for the issues effecting the regions, no time for Yorkshire or Shipley.

“The Yorkshire Party wants to take back some powers from Westminster and make decisions closer to home. 

“To decide our own priorities for funding transport infrastructure, to take our own initiatives to improve our environment.
“I’m a centrist. I believe in a strong welfare state to care for those that need it, but I also believe in personal liberty and a free market economy. 

“Devolution works for Scotland and Wales, and it can work for Yorkshire. That’s why I’m a candidate for the Yorkshire Party.
Yorkshire deserves better.”