A VAST majority of northerners back the aims of the Power Up The North campaign run by key northern newspapers including the Telegraph & Argus, according to a new poll.

The Populus poll found that voters strongly support radical measures to rebalance the UK economy, and will back whoever they think is most likely to deliver this in Thursday's election

The poll was commissioned by One Powerhouse, a consortium representing business, government and civil society figures, and think-tank the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).

It revealed that:

• 68% think the North would be more prosperous with more decision making regionally

• 54% identify more strongly with 'the North' than 'England'

• 53% are more likely to vote for candidates who pledge more investment in the North

• Northerners are more likely to think HS3 will help their area than HS2

• Just 11% think the North gets its fair share of cash

• 66% think the economy would be stronger if there was a regional strategy for economic growth.

The RSA/One Powerhouse has called for candidates to commit to creating “economic road maps” for England’s four ‘mega-regions’.

Northern voters – around a quarter of the UK’s population – will be critical in deciding the outcome of the next election, especially in the so-called ‘red wall’ of leave-leaning Labour-held seats which could swing to the Conservatives.

The survey also finds clear support for the Power Up The North campaign’s demands, and seems to strongly support the aspirations of the NP11’s recently published Manifesto for the North. More than 50% support each of the campaign's calls, averaging at 69% overall support.

One Powerhouse and The RSA will be publishing a report in the New Year that will call for all political parties to follow-up on this by creating four English mega-regions – in the North of England, the Midlands, the South West, and London & the South East – with the specific aim of boosting economic activity and fully realizing the potential of spatially based policy making.

The One Powerhouse Consortium, supported by The Sir Hugh and Lady Ruby Sykes Charitable Trust, believes that a substantial part of the problem of regional inequality in the UK can be solved not just by money, but by the transformative potential of spatial planning.

Sir Hugh Sykes, chairman of the One Powerhouse Consortium, said: "It isn’t right that where you’re born should determine your life chances.

“The party manifestos focus on new funding which is hugely welcome, but this is only one part of the puzzle. We also need to think about spatial planning – the ‘where' of decisions."

Ed Cox, director of public services and communities at the RSA, said: “Infrastructure and the North’s economic potential will rightly be at the forefront of northern voters’ minds on Thursday, and the Power Up The North campaign has been crucial to this success.

“It is right that untapped northern potential is at the forefront of both political parties and voters’ minds, but infrastructure investment is only one part of the mix. We need a new northern economy, powered by northern citizens rather than Whitehall."