A PLANNING panel embarked on a lengthy discussion on the legal complications caused by unadopted roads debating a planning application.

Members of Bradford Council's Regulatory and Appeals Committee approved plans to build 11 houses off Holly Fold, Steeton and Eastburn, at a meeting yesterday.

The application had been submitted by Mr Wilkinson.

But before they made their decision, members questioned the access arrangements of the plans. To get to the new homes traffic would have to pass through Holly Fold - an unadopted road owned and maintained by residents of the street.

Decision due on plan for homes in Steeton

Councillor Paul Godwin (Lab, Keighley West) said: "By approving housing accessed by unadopted roads are we creating a potential minefield for future residents?"

Members and officers discussed legalities and policies around adopted, unadopted and private roads for around 40 minutes.

Officers said conditions could be added to the approval that would ensure the development does not negatively impact Holly Fold - and could make sure the developer pays for any resurfacing or repairs needed after construction.

Members pointed out that the applicants had not attended the meeting, and if they had it would have been much easier to address many of the issues Councillors raised.