Readers have responded in huge numbers to last weekend's article about the 'Seven unwritten rules of Bradford's roads.'

A Telegraph & Argus Facebook post with a link to the article reached more than 399,000 people, with 634 comments left, many from people offering their own tongue-in-cheek suggestions for an expanded list.

Such was the interest in the story that we thought it would be a shame not to do an update, taking into account some of your many suggestions. The result is a list that has swelled to a bumper 25 entries.

And readers certainly seemed to be enjoying the comments, with one, Vic R Speed, saying: "These comments are funny because they are so true!" and Nova Murgatroyd adding: "Omg what a laugh and its all true!"

Bradford's reputation for dangerous driving has long been seen as a blight on the city, so much so that police launched Operation Steerside in early 2016, partly inspired by the Telegraph & Argus' Stop the Danger Drivers campaign.

  • The list below should be taken as an indictment of some of the driving habits in Bradford rather than being seen as a desirable driving style.

See if your suggestion makes the list, which is in no particular order;

1) Mid-road socialising sessions

'If you see your mates parked up at the side of the road, feel free to just stop your car in the middle of the road alongside them, wind the window down and have a conversation, while the rest of us sit behind you for 10mins' - Helen Solorz

2) Sport Mode essential

'Whenever I drive to Bradford and reach the top of the M606, I stick my car in sport mode just to aid self preservation!' - Philisan

3) Stick out from side streets

'If you’re coming out of a side street on Leeds Road, stick your car out as far as possible so someone HAS to stop to let you in' - Adnan Tariq

'This is the truth.... you’ll be skeleton before anyone let’s you through when coming from side street.... just keep sticking out slowly to the point where you’re the cause of obstruction and then give hazards light for 2 times and be on your way again then' - Anas Sohail

4) Expect the unexpected

'The only rule you need to obey when driving in Bradford, is always expect the unexpected!' - Lee Kimber

5) Larger hard drive for dash cam

'If you drive in Bradford have a front and rear dash cam fitted with the biggest hard drive capacity.!' - Anthony Redpath

6) Lane weaving and cutting in

'Can’t be bothered queuing to turn right at a junction? Just undertake everyone and cut in from the left. Always on Sunbridge Road!' - Dagmara Kepczynska

'Switch the lanes and you’ve got Great Horton Road' - Faizaan Naseem

'Always get in the far right hand lane to turn left' - Rachel Dodd

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

7) Weaving and hooting

'If driver in front is doing the speed limit , get as close as possible to their number to try make them go faster, if that doesn’t work flash lights and blast horn , if this still doesn’t work put foot down and overtake while blasting horn' - Dawn Marshall

'WEAVE..... when approaching cars slower than you on a dual carriageway, feel free to overtake, then undertake, then overtake, then undertake' - Helen Solorz

'I call that the Super Mario maneuver!' - David Arthur

8) Indicators irrelevant

'Never use your indicators under any circumstance.. obviously we know where you are going with the direction you car is moving' - Jonathon Bastow

'Canal Road is a race track, go as fast as you can and cut everyone up. Also no need to use an indicator everyone in Bradford can read minds!' - Josie Beaumont

9) 'Park anywhere' hazard lights

'Nowhere to park, no problem. Just activate your I can park anywhere hazards lights' - Rob Greenwood

10) Double yellow parking

'Double yellow lines are personal car parking spaces for Audis and BMWs. Note to self: buy an Audi to access all of these premium car parking spots' - Jemima Brown

11) Speed limits doubled?

'Speed limits are for other people; think of a number; double it. that's your speed limit' - Stewart Ellinson

'20mph speed limit signs are just there for a laugh. Feel free to do 40' - Joe Dean

12) Priority over emergency vehicles

'When an emergency vehicle is trying to get past you because you are blocking the roads, you have right of way and they need to move (reversing down the road if necessary) even though their lights and sirens are on, this giving you free reign to go about your business again' - Brian Kelly

13) Wrong way on one way

'One way street. Don't worry... the way you are travelling is the correct way' - Simon Richardson

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

14) Under 25s in Golfs have priority

'Under 25s have the right of way in all cases' - James Kirkpatrick

'Vw golfs have the right to do anything. Give way to them always' - Mikey May

15) Fast and Furious rehearsals

Shipley Airedale Road is a race track and are looking for ppl to star in new fast n furious film or so they think - Ian Quantrill

16) TV near gear-stick

'Have small t.v. playing near your gear-stick. Watch whilst swerving and driving out of Bradford along Wakefield rd, then over to the M606 , M62, and finally towards Leeds on the M621 . Got my attention after nearly crashing into van on roundabout and then a truck drifting from 1 lane into trucks lane. Completely oblivious to anyone else on the road' - Neil Murray

17) Make yourself heard

'If your music isn't on full blast how are other drivers to know where you are. Preferably with the bass and treble whacked to the max' - Calumn Stephens

18) Impromptu dual carriageways

'Use Thornton rd as a dual carriage way on a morning from Crossley hall to Four Lane Ends traffic lights and then cut people up trying to get back in before lights - Andrew Crossley

....and from the original list

19) Deposit Highway Code

When at the top of the M606, deposit your highway code in the nearest bin because you ain't gonna need it in Bradford. - Richard Davis

20) Red lights - merely advisory

If you drive in Bradford ignore traffic lights - most do ! - Jeff Black

They miss the traffic lights rule in Bradford.....Green, fly through, Amber - put your bloody foot down, Red - have a look and go through anyway! - Alex Whitaker

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

21) Footpath driving

Traffic queuing ahead, no problem just use the path instead - Chris Marshall

22) Every man for themselves

Only rule on Bradford roads is every man for themself...but if you can drive in Bradford you can drive anywhere lol.. - Tim Whitaker

23) Random extra lane

Manchester Road 2 lanes of congested traffic, 1 nobhead with his mates in car decided i’ll drive up the middle of the 2 queues of cars, clipping every wing mirror on the way including mine.. - Andi Roberts

24) Block yellow boxes

Yellow box means block. Cycle stop line is a secondary stop line for cars (Audi, BMW) without indicators only. Bradford capital of no road sense/insurance - Andrew Callaghan

25) Accident ‘not my fault’

Don't have a licence or insurance. Have a bump, swear blind it was other person's fault. If all else fails, do a runner. - Christopher Mark Norris