A PATIENT high on drink and drugs who sexually assaulted a doctor and a healthcare assistant at Bradford Royal Infirmary has been jailed for six months.

Jozsef Makila, who told the police he grabbed the woman doctor by the hair because he fancied her, went on to put his hand up his second victim’s skirt, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Makila, 48, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to attempting to sexually assault the doctor, sexually assaulting the healthcare worker and to two connected offences of assaulting an emergency worker.

Prosecutor Gareth Henderson-Moore said Makila was being treated at the hospital one evening earlier this year when the doctor saw him staggering around drunk.

She was showing him to a cubicle when he took hold of her arm and shoulder and tried to drag her into it before grabbing hold of her hair.

When she moved away and asked for assistance from other staff members, Makila made kissing gestures towards her while his hand was near his genital area, Mr Henderson-Moore said.

The healthcare assistant was assaulted when she intervened later that evening while a ward sister was having difficulty with Makila.

She thought he was drunk and he said he had taken Spice.

Makila then launched himself at the health professional and tried to put his hand up her dress, reaching up to her knees.

He was arrested by the police at the hospital and admitted assaulting the doctor, saying: “I grabbed her by the hair because I fancied her.”

He was unable to recall assaulting the healthcare worker.

The second victim gave a statement saying she no longer felt able to deal with people under the influence of drink and drugs on her own, calling on other staff members for help.

The incident had left her “mentally distraught.”

Makila had no previous convictions in the United Kingdom, Mr Henderson-Moore said. No checks had been made in his Slovakian homeland.

His barrister, Ben Thomas, said he pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, just three days after committing the offences.

That meant that both his victims were aware very early on that they would not need to give evidence at a trial.

Makila had been in custody on remand for so many weeks that he had served the equivalent of a seven month jail sentence, Mr Thomas said.

He was normally a hardworking man who led a law-abiding life and his family was in court to support him.

Judge Jonathan Gibson jailed Makila for a total of six months.

He must sign on the sex offender register for seven years.